Shipping Information
Which countries do you ship to?
Currently, we only ship to the United States, Canada, and Japan.
What shipping carrier do you use?
We use DHL Japan for shipping to the United States and Canada. For Japan shipment, we use the Yamato Transports.
Do you ship to P.O. Box addresses?
No, we cannot ship to P.O. Box addresses. We will need your complete and direct home address. Please be cautious.
Can I specify when I want my order to be delivered?
No, it is not possible. Shipping will be in 3 months after the month of order.
How much will the shipping fee cost?
Shipping to the United States and Canada will cost 6,000 YEN. Shipping within Japan will cost 2000 YEN.
Can I change the destination address for my order?
No, it is not possible.
Can you send me the tracking number?
Yes. For shipment to the United States and Canada, DHL Japan will send your tracking number by email. For Japan, you will receive an email directly from Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden.
How long will it take until the order arrives?
Arrival of your order will take approximately 3 months after the month of order. Because we use natural products, we may encounter a delay due to natural causes and disasters.
Do I need to use my full name in the shipping information?
Yes, it is absolutely required. We cannot ship the product without the customer’s full name.
Product Information
Is it alright to put the Air Bonsai close to cellphones or pacemakers?
No. Because the product emits magnetic force, it may cause damage to electronic devices such as cellphones, pacemakers, credit cards, and other objects. We recommend to use 40 centimeters radius away from the product. Please do not place electronic devices near the Air Bonsai.
Can I ask you to gift-wrap the Air Bonsait?
No. We currently do not have gift-wrapping services.
Will I get the exact same Lava stone as shown in the photos?
No. Lava stones are natural materials and each one of them will vary in size, color, and shape. Your original Lava may look insignificantly different.
Will the “energy base” be damaged when exposed to water?
Yes. The “energy base” may become damaged when exposed to water, so to water the “little star”, please place it away from the device. Also, please avoid humid areas when using or storaging the “energy base”.
Is the moss genuine? Also, is it dried?
Yes, the moss is genuine and has been dried. The moss is well alive, so please maintain and apply sufficient care in the appropriate environment.
Is there an AC adapter that fits with my country’s electricity standards?
Yes, we will deliver an AC adapter appropriate for the customer’s country (shipping destination).
Can I use stacked power outlet?
No, please refrain from plugging in Air Bonsai with stacked power outlets, it may be dangerous.
Is it alright to put other things on top of the “energy base”?
No. Please do not place anything above the “energy base”. The “energy base” generates strong magnetic force, so please do not place any electronic device nearby, as it might cause damages.
Can I use it outdoors?
The product is delicate and may get damaged so please avoid from using the Air Bonsai outdoors.
What will happen in case of power outages?
If electricity is cut due to power outage and other causes, the “little star” will automatically fall. Please refrain from using the product when there is or will be a risk of a power outage.
What is the “energy base” made of?
The “energy base” is made of porcelain. It may crack or break due to impact from falling or hitting an obstacle.
How long will the “kokedama” stay alive?
The “kokedama” will continue live with proper care.
How long can the dried “little star” Moss be left alone?
The “little star” Moss should not be uncared for because it is a plant. Please nurture the “little star” Moss in an appropriate environment.
Is it alright to place the Air Bonsai on a slanted surface?
The “little star” Moss should not be uncared for because it is a plant. Please nurture the “little star” Moss in an appropriate environment.
Is it alright for children to use the Air Bonsai?
The recommended age is above 14 years old. Please keep out of reach from children 14 years and younger.
Will the Air Bonsai ever overheat?
Yes. Prolonged usage may cause the “energy base” to overheat, so please use with precaution.
Can I choose the cushion?
No. All “zabuton” cushions are one-of-a-kind. You will receive a randomly chosen “zabuton” cushion.
Is it alright to keep the Air Bonsai plugged in to the power outlet when not in use?
No. To avoid any chance of danger, please remove the plug to ensure that the power is cut when not in use.
Can I disassemble it?
Please do not disassemble the Air Bonsai under any circumstances. Disassembly at your own will may cause damage, intense heat, explosion, ignition, or leakage. We are not responsible for your actions.
Can I remove the warranty sticker?
No. Please do not remove the warranty sticker. The warranty is completely void if the sticker is removed.
I want to exchange a defective product, who should I contact?
If you received a defective product, please take a photo of the defects and send the photos and description via email to info@hoshinchu.com. Our specialist will then make a thorough inspection and follow up with a validation report.
Set Up & How to Use
How do you raise the plants?
Please raise your plant like you normally nurture a regular plant in the appropriate situation and environment.
How do you transplant a plant?
Please refer to the video in the link.
What is the size and weight of the plant that can be transplanted?
The maximum weight of the “little star” you can float is 300 grams. The maximum height of a plant should be 15 centimeters high to avoid imbalance.
I want to change the shape of the “little star” Lava. What can I do?
You can sand the “little star” Lava by using sandpaper to adjust the size and shape, but if you overdo it, the magnet inside may fall out. We are not responsible for these damages.
The “little star” Lava isn’t floating steadily. What should I do?
You can adjust the balance of the “little star” Lava transplanting a plant into the Lava. Balance by adjusting the position, the stems, the amount of soil, and the direction of the plant. You can also adjust the balance by also sanding the Lava with sandpaper.
What is the ideal environment to grow the “little star”?
Please raise your plant like you normally nurture a regular plant in the appropriate situation and environment.
Can the “energy base” be used for something else?
No. The “energy base” can be used for inteded purposes only.
How should I water the plant?
Please take down the “little star” away from the “energy base” before you provide water. Do not expose the “energy base” to water.
Will the “little star” fall?
The “little star” may fall when balance is lost, weight is heavy, or by natural causes such as power outage. The “little star” may fall with a loud sound. Please be careful.
Cancellation and Return
Can I return or exchange the product?
No-charge returns and exchanges are only eligible for initial failure cases. Please contact us for non-free returns and exchanges.
I want to cancel my order.
We only accept order cancellations made within 10 days after the order date. Beyond the 10th day, manufacturing will have commenced so cancellation will not be permitted.
Purchase Information
What is the payment method for my order?
We only accept Credit Cards.
Which credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and American Express.
I’m worried whether or not my order is already received, how do I check my order?
We will send you two emails; One to notify Summary of Order and one to notify a successful transaction payment. Please make sure you receive two emails from Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden. If you do not receive one or neither emails, please retry your order again from the beginning.
The screen disappeared in the middle of ordering, is the order properly made?
If there is an error during the ordering process, your order will be automatically incomplete. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please order again from the beginning.
How do I buy Air Bonsai?
Air Bonsai is available only on the Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Website. To complete the purchase for your order, please enter the required customer information, shipping information and payment information.
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